Vaughan Watch Inc. 
Told You So! 


Told You So!

Vaughan Watch's claim to fame was its prediction on January 1, 2005 of which company would win the $80+ million contract to build the City of Vaughan's new City Hall. This prediction was made even before the criteria was set for prequalification. It was based on objective criteria (that is, the previous overwhelming success of that company at the City of Vaughan), and it was also based on a review of other GTA municipalities that seemed not to have one company win such an overwhelmingly high percentage of contruction contracts (such as firehalls, community centres, and other municipal buildings).

That contract was awarded in December 2006. The prediction was correct!

You could see for yourself.

Can you think of another municipality in Ontario in recent history where a prediction could have been made so boldly and so confidently? This just shows a long-held assertion that the City of Vaughan is a special municipality in Ontario.

Despite an audit that is going to be ordered by the City of Vaughan to look at how the cost of the City Hall has ballooned from the amount initially awarded (which appears not to be the thorough audit preferred by a minority of Council members and therefore will not uncover significant problems), and despite a growing concern of residents with a corresponding request for a thorough review, previous history is unfortunately an indicator of this other bold and confident prediction: the City of Vaughan, the Province of Ontario, or any other significant governmental agency, will continue not to undertake the thorough review that the City of Vaughan needs.